AACE Interview: Anh Solis

Anh Solis of Vallejo CA, Asian American Vietnamese, mother, activist and advocate. 

We asked her more than the three because Anh is just so COOL! Asian American women in cannabis is rare because of our culture of staying within the lines, however there are outliers like Anh who break out of the box and lead the way for more women to follow her path.

What is the name of your dispensary?

 We are in the middle of filing a name change of our company and trademarking it for next year. I love how you talk about copyright, we are experiencing a lot of copycats in the bay as we and we figured to rebrand ourselves with a unique name... Hopefully that will work! Our new name is Plantacea.

How do you medicate around your family?

We educate our children about cannabis as a medicine and want to normalize it as much as possible for our kids. We vape around our kids. With flowers we tend to smoke once the children are at school or asleep. 

What spurred you to enter the cannabis market?

I was introduced to cannabis when I was 17 years old and used it sporadically for recreational use. Until 8 years ago, My husband, who's a firm believer of the healing power of cannabis, got me medicating cannabis on a daily basis as a stress reliever and anxiety reducer. 

What is your favorite strain and your favorite way of ingesting ?

My favorite strain is Blue Dream and my favorite way of ingesting is good old fashion flowers in a form of joints. I do dab cannabis oils such as full melt hash, rosin, shatters etc with a water rig.

How did you come out of the 'green closet" with your parents?

Before opening a dispensary 6 years ago, I told my family what kind of business I was about to open and what are my intentions for the cannabis industry. I'm proud of my profession and wanted to let my conservative Asian family know that I will be vocal and willing to spread light and truth about this plant, despite their reservations. Some of my family members were upset that I'm using cannabis and it definitely strained our relationship. Thank goodness my mother was the most supportive through out my cannabis business journey. I have confessed to her about my cannabis use and how it helped me in a positive way. She now sees the medicinal value of cannabis and is willing to try it.