ACCE Interview: James Joung

James is half Irish, half Korean and born in Guam, like his generation, he is multi-cultural and straddles cultures like a kid on a skateboard going down a hand rail. As children of mixed race, we see all sides and at times have to pick "sides". When I was growing in Canada, as a first generation Canadian, I was immersed in the cultures around me, we were not a "melting pot" but a "salad" that combined heritages but allowed each to retain it's own individual flavor. James is not only straddling cultures but he is also delving into the world of cannabis via his promotional company. Most promotors don't necessarily have to live the lives of their clients but in cannabis to be truly a promotor, you need to know the plant, the community and the legalities of each state. It is a job that requires adept foot work with the daily changes and the entry of multiple businesses each day. Here is our AACE interview with James. - Ophelia Chong

What spurred you to enter the cannabis market? I entered the market because I've always been a connoisseur as well as a drug war veteran. I also have a small independent record label so I've been doing PR in the entertainment industry for years , and figured with laws changing the cannabis industry I should try what I know and get my foot in the door. My first client Phresh carbon filters and fans , my second Tarik Rosin both pretty well known in the industry. 

What is your favorite strain and your favorite way of ingesting (vape, pipe, edible, joint, volcano, vapexhale…etc)  So many I like but I'd have to say cookies n cream 13 rosin , Dabs on my enail.

How did you come out of the 'green closet" with your parents?  Back in my elementary days, my mom one day saw my eye were bloodshot red after smoking with a neighbor kid, I got grounded but never really stopped lol.