AACE INTERVIEW: John Yi / one cool dude

Alex Wang connected me with John Yi, I have admired John since I started in the industry and this is such a thrill and honor for me to have him on AACE. His name kept coming up whenever someone talked about cannabis and who was the best cultivator, in this interview you will see why I am such a fan of John Yi. - Ophelia Chong

John Yin has a passion with cannabis since back in the medical days. After graduated with a chemistry degree at University of Washington, worked as a research technician at a bio-toxicology laboratory, and experienced in wine making and viticulture. He then saw the opportunities with the cannabis industry.

With his passion and knowledge towards cannabis, chemistry, and biology, he then joined the I502 family as recreational grower at the beginning of I502 legalization. With years of improvement on techniques, Washington Tower Farm will be the new playground where John and his team to mindfully cultivating cannabis to share with the community.

What was your first experience with cannabis?

-        Summer, after graduated from high school. I was on a trip with my elder cousin and he was telling all these crazy party stories when he was a college student. He then busted out a bag of flower and a pipe telling me this is the party favourite and I get to learn how to social with it. I remember it was one of the most amazing and relaxed experience I ever had, so then I was converted. 

With your chemistry degree, how do you use that for the benefit of being a grower?

-        All elements on earth are building blocks, and growing cannabis are just like playing Lego. With a chemistry degree and experienced working in a bio-toxicology laboratory, it gives me the ability to think and work with the plant closely on a molecular level. The biggest benefit will be achieving “pest and pathogen control” and “nutrient up intake” with organic chemistry.

What is your favourite and least favourite strain to grow?

-        I have no bias towards any types or kinds of strains. But hybrids usually have a stronger physical ability to quickly adapt different environments, producing more varieties of terpenes, and yield more.

What is the best moment for you as a grower? ( ie harvest, cloning, mid stage, etc)

-        My best moment as a grower will be in the nursery. Both cloning and vegetating are special in a way that it feels like creating life (playing God – lol). However, every stages in the growing process has its own uniqueness and I enjoy every moment to spend with the plants.

If you had to name a strain, what would you name it?

-        Hmm, I think it is the toughest question so far but most likely we will call it “Anita Applbum” dedicate to a friend (Anita) who helped us a lot on put the business together.

How does your family view your business involvement with cannabis?

-       I did not let my family know what exactly I was doing until recently decided to start a cannabis business with friends. With a traditional Chinese family of course it did not go so well. Long story short, they are supportive in a way that I am about to start a business but at the same time they are worry because their understanding with cannabis are still conserved.

John Yi

John Yi