Gentrification and Education

Gentrification changes a neighborhood and the most affected are the seniors who see their daily routines changed by a landscape they are not familiar with. Cannabis is one of those map changing events that we now need to bring our seniors into education and outreach. This article speaks about helping seniors in Los Angeles's Chinatown enjoy the hipster fried chicken outlet “Howling Ray’s”.

From the Los Angeles Times: Frank Shyong

What does it mean when Chinatown’s most popular restaurant is physically and financially out of reach for so many of its residents? How can we bring investment to neighborhoods that badly need it without placing their poorest people at risk?

I’m sorry that I don’t have the answers to those questions. But I thought that Chinatown’s seniors should at least be able to taste some of the food that is helping to transform their neighborhood. So last Thursday, I decided to get in line and bring them some.

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