You've most likely have come across at least one article about CBD (Cannabidiol) in any article talking about trending supplements. Bear Syavong is well versed in the uses for CBD and how it helps patients and is the CEO of Alternative Vibes, he is also evangelizing the uses and properties of CBD to new audiences.  Bear and pioneers like him are on the front lines moving research and information to patients to help consider alternative options along with their pharmaceuticals. 

AACE thanks Bear for his work and for his courage to come out of the "green closet" with his family and friends as part of his path to provide alternative healthcare options to patients across the US.

As someone who is “multi-ethnic”, where do you feel you fit in?  And how did  your parents meet?

This to me sometimes can be a sensitive matter as for many. Sometimes you hear the word minority gets thrown around and it makes you think has much changed since the 80’s? Growing up I have witness situations when my father was called names being Asian, which we don’t see much anymore. However at times there is that discomfort. Me being me, I tend to adapt well to my surroundings and I like to make new acquaintances along the way in life.

My father is from Savannakhet Laos and he met my mother in Vientiane Laos where she resided at that time.

 How did you talk to your parents about cannabis and CBD? 

Well first and foremost, my family is very familiar with my cannabis use since the age of 12 or 13 yrs old, which they were always against. A couple years back I had mentioned to my parents that I became a caregiver and started a CBD company, from there on I speak to my parents and educate them how cannabis can help. They have attended our medical cannabis presentations at Elgin Community College and other events showing love and support. Both my parents use Alternative Vibe’s CBD oil. Both of my parents takes Alternative Vibes’ CBD oil Daily since.

How does CBD work with autism? 

Our product “Patience” was named by a child that we help with our CBD oil. He said he named it Patience because that is how it helps him feel when he takes it. I am not a physician or someone that can get into depth of how CBD chemically works by its interactions and such. I can say from my time volunteering, our network of physicians, pharmacists, and the testimonials, cannabis has helped many.

When did you first hear about the benefits of CBD? 

I have family members that owns a cannabis clinic as well as High Times award winners, I became more curious to medical cannabis and how it can help patients. I then became a caregiver and through my researches I came across CBD and the first thing I thought of was my parents. 

 Can you explain full spectrum CBD? 

When you think of Full Spectrum, think of the Sun. Now with it being CBD oil, it contains all natural traces of cannabinoids. Those cannabinoids we can think of as a key for our body in this case our endocannabinoid system which will work in synergy to find that balance our body needs. However depending on strains those natural traces of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant will vary, some can have more or less of the other.

What is your favorite product from Alternative Vibes? And why?

All of the products from Alternative Vibes are my favorite, for one we had formulated them buy infusing our CBD oils with essential oils provided by our partners. I believe in our high quality CBD oil and products. I have had many 3rd party lab reports to confirm our products before putting them into market for patients and consumers. Currently I do have to say that I am excited about the new products that I am formulating our 1000 mg CBD Isolate bottles they are: Daily Blend, His, Hers. With each of our products we have heard great testimonials from our customers.

How has being in the cannabis industry benefited you?

It has enabled me to expand my horizons by helping others with cannabis and the education of its use.

What would you say to someone interested in entering the industry?

It is a great time to be in, as so many before us has sacrifice for this industry to be where it is at today. The opportunity to help many others and it is a community of compassionate and likeminded  individuals.

Have you reached out to the API (Asian Pacific Islander) community about CBD?

Recently back in February we had attended the Hawaii Hemp Fest and we intend to return 2019 as a vendor.

What is your favorite story about a patient?

There are many favorites as tough as it is to say. Due to privacy I can say in general that with many after taking our products some say they had better sleep, anxiety lessening, pain relief, helps with depression, schizophrenia, and even a dog that got hit by a car that took our pet CBD. But if I really did have to choose one, it would truly be Karter’s story. He was introduced to us through a mutual friend and the story is yet to be told.

What was the epiphany that blew  your mind about CBD?

When people tells me CBD is something saved their life or brought back some type of quality in living.



The benefits of CBDs

This chart shows which cannabinoids are applied for each condition.