AACE Interview: Gilbert Huh

Gilbert is the guy you wanted to be friends with in high school because he was just that "cool". Now as the owner of the Bakeréé, he is even cooler, the Bakeréé is curated for Connoisseurs with a focus on Flavor and Effect. As an Asian American and a recreational store owner, Gilbert is a rarity in an industry with a small percentage of minority stakeholders. As the industry matures, we will see more entering the market, and with people like Gilbert to look up to, we will see more entering the industry because of those who bravely forged the path. Thank you Gilbert for being a pioneer.

What spurred you to enter the cannabis market?

I started off as a typical cannabis user. Over the years and many blunts, bong tokes, and joints later my curiosity grew into a passion for this amazing plant! On a tangent, believe it or not my first experience with Mary Jane wasn't a pleasant one. To put it simply...I got way to baked and got "Green Sick" I told myself I probably just had a little too much and tried it again. Let me say those were the best gummy bears and chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. From that point on I started becoming more and more intertwined and appreciative of this plant. I purchased a few grow bibles, read every online forum, got together with other cannabis enthusiasts and gradually got to where I am today. It was not an easy journey but I wouldn't change a thing. Today, I am feeling blessed to be an owner and working alongside an amazing group of people at the Bakeree. We are located in Seattle Georgetown 74 South Lucille St, come check us out for all your recreational and medical needs! Also keep an eye out for the drop of the brand Sacred Strains powered by Gilnetics, we got some big and exciting things in the works.

What is your favorite strain and your favorite way of ingesting?

 My favorite strain would have to be a cultivar of "SFV OG" (San Fernando Valley OG) that is in my circle of friends. It is our most coveted strain. This is one of the purest Indicas you will ever find and a heavy hitter. It does wonders for body aches and helps those that have trouble sleeping. I definitely prefer to smoke joints...fatty joints with concentrated oil in them if possible. For me personally...nothing brings out the true flavor of some flower like a joint. If I am not smoking flowers then my next favorite way to ingest would have to be six-star ice wax and rosin through heady rigs, lol. TERRRRRRPSSS! What can I say I am a bit of a weed/hash snob. 

How did you come out of the "green closet" with your parents?

I never technically came out the "green closet" with my mother. Growing up she was a very strong christian and did not condone such activities, haha. It's one of those things where she might of had an idea, but we never talked about it. Even though she has different view points on the whole cannabis thing she supports me and I am truly thankful for that. I love you mom and you are the true MVP. Thank you for your endless sacrifices and love! I would also like to take this time to thank every pioneer and person that has fought for us to have this plant today. Chase your dreams and remember nothing worth while comes without sacrifice and discipline. One love! 


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